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Lamps Parts And Raw Materials

Parts and Raw Materials for Energy Saving Lamps

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Specifications For Lamps Parts And Raw Materials

Separated electronic raw materials parts for energy saving lamps, compact fluorescent light lamp related raw materials


  1. CFL lamps have glass tubes glued with base plastic enclosure,
  2. electronic ballasts separated,
  3. and upper plastic covers,
  4. metal caps both B22 OR E27.


100% Separated parts for energy saving lamps

  1. Glass tube,
  2. Plastic enclosure,
  3. Electrolytic Capacitor,
  4. Magnetic coil,
  5. Inductor,
  6. Fuse,
  7. Film capacitor,
  8. Diode,
  9. Triode,
  10. Resistor,
  11. Circuit Board,
  12. Plastic base,
  13. Base,
  14. Connector,
  15. Others.


Manufacturing Energy saving lamp related machinery

  1. lamp assembling machinery,
  2. testing machinery
  3. glass tube making machinery.
  4. seal printing machine
  5. assembling tools
  6. others


All CFL lamp related raw materials and machinery

  1. clean glass tubes,
  2. stems,
  3. filaments,
  4. tri-phosphor powders,
  5. gluing cement,
  6. electronic ballasts
  7. components
  8. others