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Jinhui Compact Fluorescent Bulbs

also called energy saving lamps

Manufactures and exports a full range of compact fluorescent bulbs ( CFL ) which meet the requirements of international standards.

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Lotus flower compact fluorescent bulb

22W, 45W, 65W, 95W, 105W available

flower bulbIt uses tricolor phosphor powder to produce light with a color temperature of 2,700 or 6,400K. Luminous flux from 1100 - 5250.

The model is capable of saving 80 percent more energy than ordinary bulbs, according to the company. Equipped with an E27/B22/E40 base, it comes with a voltage rating of 100-240V and a frequency of 50/60Hz. Life exceeds 5,000 hours.

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Colorful spiral compact fluorescent bulb ( CFL )

The unique spiral shape, which uses design space optimally, results in a shorter overall length than other compact fluorescent light bulbs (spiral CFL ).The helical geometry minimizes light trapping, providing a more optically efficient bulb.

The spiral energy saving bulb provides performance like incandescent bulb with less energy consumption ......

black tube red bulb green bulb yellow bulb blue bulb

Color Temperature Available:
2700K, 6400K, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green or black

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Guide of compact fluorescent bulbs

General info of fluorescent light bulb
Compact bulbs generate more than 80% of all the artificial light but consume only 50% of the energy needed for lighting. These compact bulbs last between eight and twenty times as long as ordinary light bulbs ......

Compact fluorescent bulb shape
The bulb shape usually is defined according to the tube shape, such as 2U tube, flower tube, spiral tube. Some of them are called slim bulb or mini bulb, because they use slim or mini tube ......

Lighting Design with fluorescent bulb
One of the most important aspects of saving energy lighting design is to determine the number of luminaires required, based on a given illuminance value......

Installation of compact fluorescent light
Replace your regular light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs. They use just a fourth of the energy. Most take up a little more space than regular bulbs, but they will still fit in lots of light fixtures ......

FAQs of compact fluorescent lamp
Compact fluorescent lamps with integrated electronic pre-switch systems do not contain radioactive constituents. (such as, for example, Krypton 85), also do not contain radioactive substances. This also applies to the appropriate electronic pre-switch ......


Lighting Application With Energy Saving Lamps

Jinhui Produces all kinds of energy saving lamps and LED ligting products. All of them are widely used in Decorative lighting, accent lighting, closet lighting, ceiling lighting, etc.

It is fairly easy to upgrade your light bulbs, there are plenty of terrific replacement light bulbs out there, like LEDs and CFLs. You may think a compact fluorescent bulb initially cost more than a LED light, in fact, when the power is more than 60 watts, a cfl is 5 times cheaper than a LED.





Powerful spiral compact fluorescent bulbs

Model: YB48 cUL CE Spiral CFL
65W - 85W
100-240V / 50-60Hz
2700K, 6400K / B22, E27

85W compact fluorescent bulb is 5 times cheaper than LED bulb.

So, 85W spiral CFL is very suitable for warehouse and supermarkets, as a industrial bulb.

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Slim & mini compact fluorescent bulbs

These bulbs are the ideal for your small lighting fixtures and suitable for all areas of application. especially where continous economical lighting is needed.

Slim & mini flower fluorescent bulb
Model: YB57-2
Tube: 8mm
100-240V / 50-60Hz
2700K or 6400K / B22, E27



slim 4u lampMini & slim 4U fluorescent light
Model: YB57
11W - 18W
100-240V / 50-60Hz
2700K or 6400K / B22, E27




slim spiral bulbMini & slim spiral fluorescent bulb
Model: YB46 Spiral CFL
7W - 13W
100-240V / 50-60Hz
2700K, 6400K / E26, B22, E27



mini 2u bulbMini & slim 2U fluorescent bulb
Model: YB50 3W
3W - 11W
100-240V / 50-60Hz
2700K, 6400K / E26, B22, E27




mini 3u bulbSlim & mini 3U fluorescent bulb
Model: YB14
5W - 15W
100-240V / 50-60Hz
2700K, 6400K / E26, B22, E27


Featured compact fluorescent bulbs

4u lampJapan style 4U fluorescent bulb
Model: YB53
100-240V / 50-60Hz
2700K or 6400K / B22, E27




ring bulbCircular compat fluorescent bulb
Model: YB56
100-240V / 50-60Hz
2700K or 6400K / B22, E27